Thursday, October 14, 2010

Twinking / Try to NOT Upset the Parents

I feel like a bad friend today.

I've come to understand that matching is painfully difficult for some people. It doesn't bother me. Maybe because I grew up dirt poor, and we were lucky if our hand-me-downs were presentable. Maybe because my girlfriends used to try to match.
But I usually try to respect other people's feelings.

I was just making conversation.

"Ohh, I love your blazer. I need one." (I lost my black blazer in Pennslyvania)

"Um, uh I got it at Wal-Mart."

I had assumed Courtney had given it to her, and didn't think buying one was an option. But knowledge is power...

So the next week I bought one. And have carefully avoided wearing it around our mutual friends.

Just in case...

I got in trouble that way once. Sort of. Well not my trouble but it was a guilt trip lemmetellya... A different day. A different girl.

I was trying on hoodies.

"I have that one." she said.

"Does Rusty mean something? Is that someone famous? I really don't want to wear someone's name."  Everyone laughed at me and said no.

(I'm no skater chic. PacSun isn't my style. I was only looking because they were $5.)

I pulled it off the hanger, and tried it on, but she cringed so I asked, "Do you care if I have the same hoodie as you?"

And she said, "No."

But she didn't mean it. And I knew that, but bought it anyway.

She griped a little about 'twinkin.' Was a two-sided jacket. Designs on one side and purple on the other. Upon asking, she said she only wore the purple side outside, so I determined to wear the other side.

--2 weeks later--

"You have a jacket just like ____" It was her mom, "Why aren't you wearing it on the pretty side."

"Well ___  doesn't like to match." I said it matter of fact, then I caught her mom's face and said, "I really don't care though, I like this side."

She went all mama bear, but the other way around. "Honey you wear it on the pretty side! Turn that inside out right away!"

It was very awkward. And I tried to explain that I really was fine with the other side. And said I hadn't been told not to match.

But the next week the daughter was all, "I'm sorry." (I'm sure her mom fussed at her.)

It's no crime to not want to match.


Bla. It isn't even a very cute hoodie.


After all this time of keeping my receipt and carefully avoiding wearing that blazer I asked Sharon, "Does it bother you to match other people?"

"No not really."

"Like if you show up wearing the same thing. Are you sure?"

"No not at all. I could care less."
"Weeeellllll in that case I bought a black blazer like yours. Do you not care? Are you sure?"


And she meant it.

Now that this conversation is out of the way I can publish this post without sounding like I'm pleading for permission to wear it.

Or worse--sicing her mom on her.


I wrote 1/3rd this post after 'the mom incident', 1/3 after buying the blazer, and 1/3rd after talking to Sharon.


SharriBeth said...

Lol, yeah, matching isn't a big deal to me. If it was confusing the other night when I said "Wow I'm glad I'm not in green, otherwise I would have matched half the church congregation." It's not that I don't like to match but whenever I don't match someone I'm like "Ha, I'm different and you're wearing green like everyone else. :P" Not in a snobby way though. Lol. Hm... maybe I should blog about this? Haha.

Esther said...

I didn't at all take it that way.