Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say it, but say it nicely

Or don't say it at all.

Unless you can discuss things with a right spirit you need to not talk about it.
Recently I was texting someone. He had asked and said he was trying to figure out, "If people's beliefs are based on the Bible, their upbringing or their own personal beliefs." He was curious, but mostly was looking for a way to prove me wrong. (T'was about my belief that thighs should be covered.) Said he couldn't find any verses.

So I sent him a few.

He started writing with all caps I felt like he was yelling at me, and got defensive. "I'm sure it's in the Bible for a reason." I said. That was true, but also very snotty sounding.

I don't know if it is shame I am feeling, or just the burn of knowing that I was not perfect.
(Remorse is healthy. Obsessing about a minor mistake is not.)

It is important to treat people kindly. Life as a Christian isn't about having the quickest come backs and the best arguments.

Feeling defensive is not a good reason to sound snotty.

I'm sorry.

For me
Be nice. Be polite. There's no reason to hurt people. Unless the hurting will be helping in the long run.


SharriBeth said...

That's a problem I have, like that friend I wrote the blog about, we weren't actually arguing or anything and I didn't expect to offend him. It's like we pick on each other so often that I don't expect him to get upset if I take it to far(by the way he's taken plenty of this to far with me, I just always blew it off) but I don't know, I guess I just need to remember that despite his appearance to look like he has no emotions whatsoever, deep down we are both human and if he can upset me than I can certainly upset him. I need to learn to "bridle my tongue" I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

wow i totally related to that- not only the "quick comeback" part- in a way i think its wanting to prove myself right?? show myself again & again that what I believe IS true.. also the part of obsessing over a minor mistake- my goodness I do that too much, its really bad, i think God is totally mad at me & it takes me days to realize He forgave me! lol- anyways, miss ya girlie- both of you :)
Good night!
Laura D (from arizona)