Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Of Stepping Stones & White Out

It is painful to be white-outed out of your life. But if your part of our friendship was solely based on your plans for a relationship with my brother it was only a stepping stone to the path your parents had chosen for you.

Rather than a real friendship.

Stepping stones aren't of themselves bad things, and walking on them isn't evil, but people aren't stepping stones.

At least they shouldn't be.

Congrats on your new boy, new future, new life, and new friends.


Once in a while you are still friendly. But I kinda cought your drift some time ago.

Maybe it was the first time you stood up and walked away to go sit with people you barely knew when I sat next to you.

Maybe it was when you started swivveling your body the opposite direction anytime I entered the mixer room. Or turning your face anytime I was present.

Maybe it was sooner than that when random people started telling me "____ thinks you hate her you should be nice to her." or " ____ says you don't want to be friends anymore." and " What's going on with you and ____ she says you have no respect for her."

Dudes I tried. I promise.

Since you are the one who has chosen to avoid me it is preferable that you do so without saying I'm the one who ended this friendship.

So thanks, for openly discussing your need to "erase, or white-out, some old friendships."

I guess.


Jes said...

Actually, I felt our friendship was based mostly on your family as a whole. Which I feel I have wrong so many times in pretty much every way. :( It wasn't so much about letting you (and/or) Leah go, as much everything else.

Jes said...

Just reread my blog. Actually, the post was solely about guys (plural.) Point being that I can bring even the "good" memories into a new relationship.

Esther said...

Tis nice to know you planned to keep me; it really hasn't felt that way though.

I do see where keeping too close to guys you are/were attracted to would be unhealthy.

Nathan L. said...

I think despite the way you feel about one person, to abandon that person's family is a bad idea.

Not just for those people. For you.

If you go through life "whiting-out" of groups of people because of their relatives or friends, you will have a lot more problems emotionally.

Hey, maybe I should post a blog with white-out on it! j/k.

Honestly I think some things are best left off the web. But that's just me.

Off the record said...

Truthfully Little poet, it is best to work out your problems or discrepancies that you may have with others, things that are kept in the closet or are left with no closure, will fester.

Jes said...

N8: I agree with you. (On the whiting out entire families because of one person.) Someone else mentioned this (to me) before, and I could see they were correct. However, I don't see a need to unnecessarily involve yourself with people you might have problems with.

Amy Lizzy said...

Sounds painful. And for that I'm sorry. You are brave to be so open. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I believe all three of you are acting silly talking on a blog about this. Seems this is some inside topic that should be delt with in person. Oh well lol.

Esther said...

Anonymous: I don't usually post that personal of stuff online.

But since the person I wrote about was the one who brought it up on their blogger(and elsewhere)It was/is already an open topic.

I assumed was written partially about me, but I guess was more my family, or maybe random guys... I dunno.

You mentioned, "all three of you," Is there a third person blogging about this?

Anyway yeah too much drama. I do throw most of my drama into my journal.

David said...

Just love each other and the clouds will pass. People's lives go through many phases... and usually the things that are good for said people will work their way back around... God and time will see it that it all re-aligns. I've had to 'white out' a LOT of people in my life... but they were negative forces. I want to be happy and serve the Lord... sometimes you have a REALLY hard time doing either if negativity or other things of negative orientation are always clawing at you. So... I could babble on, but I'll save everyone the headache :)
The point of this is - God will see to it that you are where you need to be as long as you let Him and follow his instructions. Drama is usually always negative... so let go, live, love and you'll see... Once and for all, time will see it all re-align. Love to all.