Thursday, March 11, 2010

Libbey Potty Humor


Leah was losing badly. Libbeys, we like to win.

"You sunk. I make you sink" He he he Seth laughed.

"Well you're just a pooper scooper." Leah said mock glaring at Seth and dumping her tricks in the pile to be shuffled before continuing, "You're not even the guy doing the scooping. You are the scooper. The plastic thing--That's what you are."

Seth promptly replied, ""Really? Well guess what you are. You." He left a short dramatic pause before continuing, "Are the poop."

Leah sputtered a bit while we all giggled (Surely she know she was already beaten in this word war.) But she replied, "Well you are the poop still in the horses butt then."

"At least I'm warm." was Seth's retort. "You're all cold and chunky."


Roxy said...

bahaha. Love it.

*Hales said...

Best. Blog. Ever. haha.

Nathan L. said...

I got up, read this, and then started laughing hilariously.

(I hope I didn't wake my neighbors.)

Glory said...

lol!! that's FUNNY!!!