Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kohls coupons & Shopping

I'm going shopping this evening after work.

Some of my friends want to go shopping Friday for the day-after-thanksgiving sales.

And my group is going ice skating Saturday and will hit the mall in Knoxville.

Plus I'm planning an (almost) all day shopping trip Monday in Chattanooga with Leah and an unnamed friend. Actually the friend does have a name I'm just not naming it...

(I've never been to the Chatanoooga mall.)

Gosh that is a lot of shopping--Leah will be so happy. :) I think I'll opt out of some of it.

I am happy that our new shopping center includes Kohls and Ross.

I bought (10) Kohls coupons off ebay yesterday. Here is one for you, but it expires 1/03/09

$5 off Kohls coupon

Happy shopping guys!

So awkward I posted this then later realized that those coupons are one-use-only, and taken from Kohls website's 'back door' link. In other words I bought stolen coupons, and then gave some away.

Did my best to make that right. Sometimes it happens...

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Anonymous said...

Sound like a ton of fun without me.