Monday, October 29, 2007

Chocolate & "What is the best way to break up with your girlfriend?"

I grabbed another handful (ok, ok, it was two handfuls) of baby MM’s packages and promptly began to open and eat them. My sugar addiction is back full force.

“So…Esther how has life been lately? You ok? Have you been having a hard time?” One of the guys asked.

Huh? What?

“Girls eat sugar when they’re sad."

Apparently over lunch our guys had a lengthy discussion about girls. No surprise there, but the rest of the topic was hilarious: What is the best way to break up with your girlfriend?

They determined that when breaking up with your girlfriend she would be sad.
(Good job boys. That’s a correct assumption.)

They determined that girls eat chocolate when we are sad, or depressed.
(I don’t, but yes most girls do eat lots of sugar when they are sad.)

They decided that chocolate cheers girls up, and makes them happy.
(Very few girls would disagree.)

They decided it was best for a girl to be cheered up after a break up, “Not that it would be possible for a girl to be all the way cheered-up after losing me, but…” (That was Josh.)


“We decided it’s a good idea to bring a girl a box of chocolates when you break up with her”

Wow. What a conflicting message.

Yes it's true, most girls do eat lots of sugar when they are sad. This is inclusive of--but not limited to--breakups. If, however, you are too loving to whoever you are breaking up with they will decide you are still in love with them. 'It'll all work out. In a few weeks we'll be back together.' After they realize that is not going to happen they will be even more depressed.

Anyone want a free bag of candy? Click on the link, and print the coupon; if you take it to K-Mart they will ring it up with a bag of Halloween candy, and the candy will be free. This is only good for today and tomorrow.


Nathan L. said...

Sweet! Free Candy!
(and the post was quite interesting). Where was I when all this took place?

Jes said...

Dearest, Loviest, Esther, lol,
I find it (ironic?) funny that you talk about the chocoalte, then put a link for free candy in your post. I agree with Nate, YES!!! FREE CANDY!!! i'm feeling deprived, because we have NO sweets at my house, and I'm tempted to go to my next door neighbor and ask for some candy (It's Halloween after all). But my mom told me I would be supporting the holiday. Between the holiday and my stomach, the holiday's about to win.

"Apparently over lunch our guys had a lengthy discussion about girls....."

It was actually in a candy shop, which is why they were talking about chocolate. (Actually, Daniel handed me a heart-shaped box, and they said it was supposed to make me feel better because Daniel was brekaing up with me.)

I actually took notes on what to get a guy for his birthday (in no attempt to try and save a breaking relationship, honest. =] ). I have Tish's napkin covered with notes.

sorry for such a random and large and boring comment, lol.

Jes said...

oh and sorry for all the typos, I was typing like a chicken. My dog, Lucky says Hi. He's having fun barking at all the trick-or-treaters.

Esther said...

N8: We were having spaghetti dinner with the older couple at church while our group went to eat and hang out Sunday. After church Sunday night we were hanging out at the Oasis building when they told me about their conclusions.

Jessie: Candy Store? Where is a candy store?

Notes eh. Lets hear what to get a guy for his birthday.

I have so been junking out on candy. I have already, just this morning, eaten a kit-kat, a 3 musketeers, a milky Way and a Hershey's milk chocolate candy bar.

Jes said...

Um, by Shoney's. russell soemthing or other. Stovers? Soemthing like that.

The first note I took my from Micah, and he said for his Brithday he'd want his girlfriend to get him a Dariy Queen gitft card anywhere from $50-$200. He asked me to tell her, so he wouldn't have to.

John said (besides that I was too young to be taking notes) that as a girlfriend you should "go where they wanna go". As opposed to what, I ask you? John also said "no parties". Hey, I got a great idea, we should tell John's future girlfreind to throw him a surprise party! Okay, sorry.

Daniel said he didn't expect anything for his Birthday, but some guys might. In general, he said "sincere hugs". (That's what the napkin says).

Micah (as we were leaving the candy store) said he liked cards that sing. John seconded that one. Micah also said he wanted a superman themed party. Tyler (Judd) told me that was Mike's drea since he was five, but it never happened.

Esther said...

Russell Stovers!

Micah keeps things simple and easy with a Dairy Queen gift card.

"as a girlfriend you should 'go where they wanna go', As opposed to what, I ask you?."

Don't know. Doesn't the guy typically plan dates? (As long as the fellow isn't a tyrant he would surely also do things that his girl would like.) Hmm, If he was with a selfish girl she might expect him to only do things she wanted to do. I don't picture John as a push-over though.

What is a sincere hug? A cuddly one or something?

Toby would like a singing card also I think.

I will help Jessie along with her survey thing; N8 what do think is a gift that you would like from your (future) girlfriend?

Jes said...

"Don't know. Doesn't the guy typically plan dates?"

I hope so. I am very, very, very, very, (insert a trillion 'very's) indecisive. I need to be told what to do. Besides, it won't matter, as long as you're together, right? (wow that sounded corny)

"I don't picture John as a push-over though."
Me either.

"What is a sincere hug? A cuddly one or something?"

I think maybe one with meaning. Not a meaningless, crappy hug. A nice sincere one. I don't know either, lol.

John told me to take notes from Caleb. I have yet failed to do this.

Jes said...

"What is a senior register person?"

(I forgot to answer this). A senior register person, like um, someone who's been working at save-a-lot fo a while now, and knows how to work the stupid register thingy. Last time this girl who looked like she was still in Highschool was doing it, and she was going so so so so so -insert a gazillion 'so's- slow. And all i wanted to do was get away from there, and I couldn't because the lady was going so stinking slow. Long story, ugh.

Invisable_Ninja said...

Oh gorshes I want candy now -_-