Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've had that for 7 months and still haven't worn it / New With Tags

Yeah, I buy things and then don't wear them for months and months.

If you were expecting I-am-so wasteful-to-buy-things-and-not-wear-them guilt then you should look elsewhere.
I buy out-of -season stuff;  I look for sandals in winter and closed toe shoes in spring.

Leah says, "Even though I know it's a really good idea, buying things off season makes me sad because I can't wear what I buy. It's like I spent my money and got...

Me? I love off season sales.

There are 4 new short sleeve shirts that I've had in my drawer since winter. Sure, I've not been able to wear them, but I spent less on all 4 of them than most people will spend on one.


2 weeks ago I bought a peacoat for $12; it is still in the bag, still has tags, and is laying on the evil spare bed. I won't wear it for at least 7 months, but I'm still really glad I bought it. I had been wanting a dressier coat for a couple of years.

La la la (That is is happy sound of my heart singing.)


This is such a boring post. Sigh.

Everything I write lately is either too boring or too personal to post. So yeah, today I have given my blog the boring thoughts because it had gotten lonely. Sometimes a boring conversation is better than silence.

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