Friday, August 21, 2009

"Mobile Blogging Stinks"

?? ?79? ?Om ? ???g?=MG??oq?] ????9?>??n2??N??i? ??t ?} ?????\v?Ai :l/?????] ???v 4.?? 8??.?@IP}^&??oP?=O?? ::L ?A?4?}????2 ?v?Y??? 2??

Yeah when I saw my blog this morning there was 7 posts that consisted of the above numbers letters & Symbols.


Friday on the way home from work I typed out a blog on my cell and sent it to one of 3 addresses from which it should've be sent to my blog.

I even received a reply from Google, "Sucess! Your post made it to your blog"

Weird. I had played around with this sending things to my blog to see if everything worked, and it seemed to, but I had only sent short messages and pictures.

Perhaps my blog was too long. I'll mess with it a little more before deleting my Send-to-blogger contacts from my cell.



1 comment:

Jes said...

Mobile blogging does not work. :(