Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 Ways to Mobile Blog

Am learning to send info from my cell phone to my blog lately. So far I've found 3 ways, and now that I'm starting to undestand the limitations and how to work around them I really enjoy mobile blogging.

I've listed the 3 types below:

SMS (Short Message Service) AKA text message (no pictures.)

MMS (Multimedia Message Service) Aka Picture message; You can send pics, and/or text, and/or sound this way. For mobile blogging you will be sending an email via MMS from your preapproved cell phone number to
(Incidentally texting a picture or sound to a friend's cell also uses MMS).

Email (Electronic Mail) If this posting option is enabled you can email from your cell to your blog, or from any email acount, or any cell phone to your blog. (This can be scary because anyone can email to your blog if they know your mail2blogger email address. I've set this up to save-as-draft just to be safer.)

About those limitations though...

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