Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dogs and cats

Jessie’s hound dog, Lucky, attacks and kills cats. He eats them. According to Jessie,” He eats them--bones, fur and all.” She thinks the last cat he ate wasn't missed, because, “the old lady has so many other cats.” He was very mad about a cat that one that got away recently, and believed the cat did him a great injustice (in not allowing itself to be eaten) but hopefully he’s calmed down now.

My petite calico cat is very sweet. She loves attention and tolerates small children’s abuse without scratching them. Callie does not, however, tolerate dogs. She attacks dogs; she slashes their face with her claws and drives them howling off the porch. Callie is small even after she puffs up with rage, but she stands her ground; the neighbor’s dogs no longer come to our porch. After a few times of having her claws in their nose they've decided to stay away from the furry ball of fury. We are very proud of her.

My cat does not eat kill or eat dogs, so Jessie’s dog is more vicious. It is somewhat morbidly fascinating that he eats them so completely without leaving any waste.

My aunt thinks it’s a sin to waste food, so maybe she would like that dog; I’ll ask her.

I have a survey box asking which temperament of animal you would be more proud to own. :)


[all the houses look the same] said...

Hey... random comment from ME!

The fact that I want to shut down my blog is NOT that I feel inferior to anyone.

It's just if no one reads it then why bother taking the VERY long time it takes to publish a post??

Jes said...

I read this earlyer today, and was trying to pull your blog up with out signing in, so I typed littlegirlbitggrin/, and Google corrected it, and it had "Jessie's hound dog eats cats.." that was funny.

the cat that got away did scratch him, so it really doesn't phase him I guess.

Lucky really is a sweet dog. He offers so much love...unless your a cat I guess. (¤t=6ed17552.jpg)

♥ you much,

Jes said...

He's a medium sized dog. Although, in that pic he looks like a puppy, I think. That was when we first moved to the house we live in now.

♥ Jessie

[all the houses look the same] said...

Hey.... no I was just tryin' to set the record straight! :D. I guess people I don't even know read my blog!

[all the houses look the same] said...

I WOULD really like to know why you retype whatever I say in a comment... haha...

Jes said...

You and Julie both have curly, brown hair. And you both smell nice all the time. lol, I guess you'd just have to meet her.

"A point blank question is hard to evade though."

Yes, very much so. It would hsve been a little easier if I had time to think about what to say though.

"It's not like we will disapprove of you just because of some mistakes you made in your past....As far as the East is from the West..."

I know that. I guess I am just afraid people will, but I think if they are truly my friends then they wouldn't. I haven't said how far I was into the world, but I hadn't told everyone (or maybe anyone) that I gave my heart back to God at MDT.

"I had actually thought about asking you more about the time your heart was broken, but didn't want to push you. I had been praying for you though even before you mentioned it."

Thank you ever ever so much. It was hard, but now I think I am glad I went through it. I mean, I wish I hadn't got so messed up, but I'm glad I know what it feels like, because I think it's better to go through this now then later.

Anyway, Luvs you much,


P.S. My skirt is almost done. YES!!!!

Jes said...

"... Some people just aren't good at showing their friends that they are friends. (I started to say "showing affection", but that sounded so weird when talking about Seth and you.)..."

Lol yeah that would have been weird

"...And Seth never had a problem with you..."
Really? I know he doesn't dislike me now but I was pretty sure he did before. Anyway, he's an awesome friend.

" "Don't go camping with [unscrupulous] guys [or not properly unchaperoned]". (I added that stuff, because maybe I will go camping with guys sometime)"

I looked up "unscrupulous" you are right. I know you probably already know, but I'm not like against camping with guys, just maybe certain ones.

Luvs you,