Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Unwanted Freedom

Desperately clinging to the life my 'good friend' and mentor is stealing. With his hug to my face and his knife in my back, (my whole 'little' world is being purposely broken... )

You were a wolf preying on this unhappy, unwilling, no-longer-blinded, lamb. (I adored you. How could you?)

You've won...

Took it all away. Left me alone and broken. You jealously, callously, purposefully, stole my most precious person. (And for what purpose? You sir! Quit pretending everything was in his best interest.)

A wolf, you--
Clawed out my heart, and ate it. As I stood helpless, (but internally fighting.)

Silently crying, 'Why did he allow himself to be taken?'

You've done it.

Taken what you wanted and left me all broken.

My whole world shifted and crumbled. This long held ?illusion? (I wish it was only)... has faded.


"Anyone who allows himself to be stolen belongs to someone else."

...So I've been told, and sometimes I believe it. (Still, I defiantly refuse to see you, the thief, as blameless...)

And Me?


I weep for the man, I held so dear, torn off my mantle and then carelessly shattered on the floor.

But (now) I'm fascinated by these bits of glass--still stuck in my fingers--They glisten like diamonds. What's left of my life cracked into pieces

Bloody diamonds...
He deserved better

...Than your half-hearted friendship and overwhelming desire to control the situation.

'Only human, Esther' a whisper rising from the ashes...

You won. You broke him. What now? What next?


Kind of a weird poem thing that I've written, but whatever...

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